It was 11 pm in the night. Mom said Goodnight and instructed me to sleep (closed the door and walked away).

I tried to sleep, but every 60 seconds post I ended up going in the flashback to Goa. So I took my mobile phone and scrolled through Goa pictures, zoomed some of my pictures to find them disproportionate(as always).

And thought this would be enough for me as a lullaby. So I kept my phone aside and tried to sleep.

But the next moment I opened my eyes, I found myself sitting against the wall of the bed with my laptop opened.

Its 12 AM right now and here I am like an owl thinking to wind up a post on Goa before it fades from my oblivious brain.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Drop dead gorgeous ..isn’t it?

Alright! Now Keeping all that jazz aside, let’s get started!

Come on! Lets Unleash the untold Goa with me!

To brief you in case you haven’t read my previous Goa blog, we girls(Hena, Jyoti, Mridula, Vijju, Shweta and me) made our way to Goa last month where we came across some odds  (changed our rooms twice) and some beauty.

Nevertheless, we had a chance to witness the eternal and mystic beauty of nature from Cape Goa and the peak of Cabo De Rama Fort.

To know the full recitation of part 1. Click  here

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Unbind the happiness in the air!

But first, let me throw on some of the facts about the seasons to visit Goa so when you for the next time, its probably gonna be the best trip ever!

Best time to travel to Goa for party suckers-

Hey, you party clubbers! You love to party hard right? Then Goa in the months of November to February is an ideal destination for you.

Goa witnesses and throws a bash on the most popular festivals like Sunburn(book your ticket now), Christmas, New year in those months.

So if you want to be the part of these, you need to book tickets of accommodation in advance as the prices would rise high as the sky.

Best time to visit Goa for peace and nature lovers-

If you share your love for monsoons and want yourself to be surrounded by lush green landscapes and serene and calm beaches, then July to October is your month.

It’s that time when the beautiful Goa is nurtured by rain God. Also, you can get resorts and hotels at a very reasonable price. But remember monsoons can restrict your plans sometimes as the weather acts up all the time.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Come along me

Now you know what season is best for you. Right?

Now getting back to our story, let us find out what we girls did after the weather started to play its tantrums(a mixture of humid and rain) in Cabo de Rama Fort. We made a quick exit after having a delightful view from the fort as the humidity just massacred our state of mind.

We were starving by then, so we head to the nearest Dhaba to Cabo De Rama fort because its food is very delicious and economical as told by our driver.

So we ordered fish fry and thalis which included half cooked rice, a fish fried with groundnut and coconut oil(seriously?), some daal in a microscopic bowl, pickle to mask the taste of that unappetizing fish fry.

What we learned within a span of 2 mins of being there that the food was definitely affordable but distasteful and bland.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Two rainbows fighting for their spaces.

On our way to the next destination which was Palolem beach, we spotted a band of colors..spotted what? yes, a Rainbow(in simple words).

Also Endured that talkative driver who I think was over friendly with us, for 24 freaking km to Palolem beach.

Can you imagine he just asked us to stay at his place tonight to have drinks and fun?

Not entertaining dude..would you mind driving the car instead and take us to our destination? (i murmured)

At last, we reached the beach and we all were quite ecstatic.

 Shall we get in some knowledge about this one?-

Palolem beach is an island of the gods located in Canacona, South Goa. The beach is followed by some jam-packed streets selling almost everything possible(clothes, decors, gifts, food etc).

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa which ends up trafficking thousands of international tourists every year.

Four Things to do at Palolem Beach

*One can go enjoy himself flamboyantly in the beach by soaking and breathing all the goodness of the nature inside the lungs-the white sand, the palm trees on either side of the arch-shaped bay and the spectacular sunset where the sun seems to merge with the sea.

*The beach can be a delight and fruitful in the mornings and post-sunset to have a good time. Also, the beach is very clean, so you can surely take dips in it along with your kids. Or just leave your kids and let them show their creativity on the sand.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Can you hold the Sun for me?

*Wanna get more pampered by mother nature? Are you craving for more adventure and bliss? Then butterfly beach is where you should head to.

Butterfly beach is a hidden beach filled with an aura of complete divinity and blissfulness. Its an island steeped with romance and loaded with what an aquatic life is called and zillions of butterflies.

Also, you can spot dolphins, which makes this abode of heaven peculiar of all. To catch the sights of these virtuous mammals, you need to come in the early morning.

How to reach the butterfly beach?

You can take a ferry or a boat ride or a kayak to reach there, which will cost you around 1500 for two people. The ride can leave you little anxious, but don’t worry its all worth it. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable, and yes do carry food and water with you.

What is the best time to visit Palolem?

Palolem beach can be the busiest as well as crowded in the month of November to march.

Crowd rabbling, vendors coaxing and running after you for the water sports activities is all you see in those specific months.

But hey,  let me tell you that Palolem is one of the kinds of beaches which raises its bars during the party months(November-march), so if you are a party animal, you should be booking your tickets right now if haven’t yet.

If you wish to seek eternal privacy and peace, then monsoons (off-seasons) should be your choice.

Restaurants near Palolem beach-

Yes, let’s not first! right? There are a cluster of restaurants which serve continental food with great ambiance, so you can definitely check out those-

Hotels near Palolem Beach –

Do you wish to stay near the most buzzing beach in Goa?Yes?Then you shouldn’t be thinking twice by the way. Check out these great deals of lodges and here to know more

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Crescent shaped shoreline!

There are few other famous and picturesque beaches in Goa that are absolutely magnificent. Baga beach and Calangute beach of North Goa are one of the finest beaches in Goa.

Eminent for having the authentic Goan cuisine, street shops, lip-smacking seafood and how can I forget the water sports which is the star attraction of the beach and done in abundance here. But let me aware you that a very few water activities are conducted in the monsoons.

While the sun was setting and the sky was pouring little rain, we spotted two rainbows juggling upon each other at once. It was our moment to capture and rejoice it, which we did simultaneously!

After glaring at the beauty of nature, well let me elaborate- its the tides smashing to the shoreline and making that Wooosshhhh sound, isn’t that scintillating? And that damn sunset! drop dead gorgeous… Ok, so we did all these and head to the shopping section(excited!).

Shopping in Palolem beach-

*Hey, fashionistas! or hey foodies! or maybe hey ..(what do we call someone who is interested in cafes and music?) Ummm I don’t know..but you got me right? There is everything for everybody in these street chunk markets.

*Want that bootylicious dress to rock the party tonight?

Head to Tito’s lane to shop till you drop and choose from the heaps of these Tibetian markets and boutiques right from bikinis, halter neck dresses, skirts, jewelry, and other stuff.

*Want to savor your taste buds after that salty water of the beach got your mouth’s back?

I can swear by a place where you can relish some luscious Goan cuisine is the cafe Mambo.

*Want to take home some memories of Goa?

There are a bunch of shops selling souvenirs and handicraft products which you will surely love taking home…

*Want to take a pause and listen to live music?

Then down the lane is a bar called Havana Cuba bar where live dance and music happens.

I along with my friends picked up some trinkets, fridge magnets, shorts, few dresses, and jewelry to oomph it. But remember to bargain up to half the price of the product otherwise they can fool you without a hitch.

One can definitely get a kick out of here after sunset as the lane looks insanely gorgeous with the lights lit up and decorations.

After all that fancy evening, we got back to our exquisite Blue Corner resort in Benaulim, Goa around 10 pm.. we were all tired as hell and hungry as a bear.

We quickly got freshen up one by one and ordered some prawns again(yes prawns again!), some beer and lots of fried rice and noodles. My mouth is literally watering now.

Sea – Undying beauty and eternal beauty !!

As we gave the order, it kept us waiting for a good 25 mins. And Oh Boy! Did I get lucky to have witnessed the view that I probably can not put up here?

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Who are you? May be the mermaid?

Well let me put it this way- You are walking on the shore, there are no lights around as far as you know as the sea is infinite, except for a few lights in the restaurants being lit up.

Its 11 pm in the night and while you are putting small steps forward on the shoreline, you feel the splash of a wave and sometimes its a dead fish crashed on your feet.

Don’t you think it was incredible and thrilling at the same time?

Food came, we ate till our stomach ached. It was our last night in Goa so we wanted to make most of it. We danced at the shore, collected as many shells, would close the crab’s burrow and danced some more till our food got digested.

Hena was sleepy after a good dosage of food and fun, she went to sleep but I along with other 4 other freaks wanted to glare at the sea more than I could.

I wanted that moment to freeze. But in a blink of a second, the watch ticked 2 am. Its when I realized I have to sleep. Took a last walk of the night at the shore with Jyoti, talking random dangerous facts about the sea(I don’t know but facts as such fantasize me) where I came with bitter truth said below.

Relate this Irony of Nature if you can?-Ever happened you want to catch hold of the most beautiful thing yet the deadliest thing in the world, at the same time?

Think about it!!!

We came back to our mini cottages, fixed the alarm and got to sleep in a hope to see the sunrise the other day.

Next morning I woke up to harsh sunlight covering half of my face and realized I missed the sunrise or maybe the alarm. It was 9 pm.Unleash the untold Goa with me!

I got up rubbing my eyes and stretching my stiff muscles to find out Azure skies, white sand, tropical palm trees all around and felt a sense of well being after hearing that Woooosshhh sound of the waves again. I was happy to be there.

As that was the last day of our trip and had our busses scheduled at 2 pm in the afternoon, we decided to chill here at our resort because there is no point in exploring other places now because-

A. we did not have bikes and cabs just looted us.

B. All the beaches will be pretty much same as the one like the Benaulim one.

So we got freshen up, had breakfast and lathered up some sunscreen and got into the sea.

We all were holding each other’s hands and went a little deep in the sea where huge waves were surpassing over us, sometimes we would panic and hop because we could feel something squishy under our legs. (haha)

We took numerous pictures posing with the ultramarine sea and the sky.

What a scrumptious day it was!

Then finally the time came where we had to bid a goodbye to the resort and also Goa. By the way, Blue corner resort scores a full 10 on 10 for having the perfect aura, good staffs, affordable price, good food and of course cozy rooms.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
So mesmerising..right?Benaulim blue corner resort!

Well, that’s not it guys!!!

Goa was on our bucket list for a long but due to some constraints, we could only explore a little in a couple of days. But if you guys are planning for Goa to have the time of our life, then these tips may help you.

Things to do in Goa in monsoons (more specifically in the months of August, September, and October)

*Beholding the roaring waterfalls and gazing them for hours could be the best things you could do in Goa in monsoons.

Yes, I am talking about the majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls which nests in  Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you are an adventure freak just like me, you got to trek through the jungles and trust me its so much exciting this way. As you reach, the pool is yours, take a dip or capture it in a frame to cherish for a lifetime.

A train journey to Dudhsagar waterfalls is equally fascinating where you get to witness the whole cascade of falls in a frame.

*Do you think you can savor your adventure buds in the monsoon?

Yes, you can!!! I know Goa in the monsoons are not ideal for water sports as the sea gets little rough during rains.

But let me surprise you with few ones that are safe and you can satisfy your adventure thurst inside you.

First on my list is to go *cruising. Now I know that’s not a sport but its definitely going to fill your heart with thrill and amusement.

Cruising is one of the main attractions of Goa where a lot of tourists come to enjoy their evening.

All you need to do is board the cruise at Panjim after taking the tickets which are 300-500 RS for an hour or two, and it will make you through the mystic landscapes of Mandovi river in Goa.

Want to play Casino?

Yes! You will be entertained by several dance performances and even live Dj while the cruise passes through the old forts and monumental buildings. The cruise gives you the luxury to play casino and other games too.

*River rafting now in Goa?

Do you wanna feel the rush of adventure on your trip?

Head to Mhadei river, Goa for Whitewater rafting. Isn’t it already gushing into your veins? Row down Mhadei river to the lush vegetations and serene countryside in only 2299rs.

*Also if you are looking for a calm exploration along the backwaters of Goa.

Then kayaking(late Septembers) is the perfect Sport for you to traverse along the tranquil backwaters and mangroves while paddling. All this fun you can do at Palolem beach in 200-300 rs.

*Next thing you can do in Goa is to venture yourself in wildlife sanctuary or safaris.

As you know Goa boasts of having ample and lavish tropical forests whose beauty manifolds as the monsoons arrive which is a pure bliss.

So you can head to Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or Bondla wildlife Sanctuary to spot some endangered species of Indian bison, flying squirrel, Leopards, Bengal Tiger, Wild boar, Deers etc.

*What it feels like to gaze at the sea for hours and contemplating the sunset while holding the hands of your loved ones.?

Unleash the untold Goa with me!
Tranquil and the setting sun-best combination ever!

Can I say it feels divine?.

Monsoons can be humid and harsh sometimes and you do not want to wander outside rather than to stay at the resort and have that quality and romantic hour with your special one.

Or get yourself photographed with the sun and beach in the background as the beaches are clean and less crowded during monsoons. And guess what’s the good news? No photobombers in the background!!!

*If you love the rain god lashing on you, get out of your rooms, get a Scooty at just RS 200 and live your life. Get to the Cabo de Rama Fort. Get selfies, go to churches, explore European and Portuguese heritage etc and etc.

Unleash the untold Goa with me!

Can Goa be a budget-friendly trip in monsoons?

Lastly, I want to say that you will be pampered with world class amenities at flat half of the price in the monsoons. So blessed you are to enjoy the leisure and pleasure of a budget-friendly trip.

So that was all of my tips to rock the Goa trip in the monsoons for you guys. If I hope these will help while you plan for your trip to Goa next time.

Let’s meet next time for another fun and exciting story here.

till then,
































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