Beach outfit ideas-

Hey, lovely people out there…what’s up?

I know some of you must be savoring the party month amidst the beautiful tropical Islands with your partner, some of you may be planning for house parties or like me some of you may be donning and prepping yourself with shimmery LBD and that striking RED lipstick, just to click pictures and then snuggling into the blankets with a cup of coffee and Netflix by side..(HAHA) Isn’t it so?

But those who are planning to visit Goa, Andaman or any beach party in the coming months, then today’s blog will definitely help you out choosing your BEST outfits from YOUR wardrobe.

So in this blog, I will be sharing MY GOA OUTFITS and some ideas with you guys. This is gonna be interesting, So let’s get started..shall we?

If you have been following me on INSTAGRAM, you may be knowing a couple of months ago I traveled to Goa with my girl-friends and had loads of fun, clicked so many pictures to flood my Instagram.  Here is my journey to Goa.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!!!

Let’s start with this rant first!

I stay in Hyderabad and whenever I wear something shorter than knees(yes, knees) or wear an off-shoulder top, I am sure to get some unwanted attention and comes back from the halfway to change my outfit, which is super annoying(aagggghhhhh).

Now you must be thinking that I can go in Cab..but dude you can not afford to go in cab’s everytime right? (unless you are filthy rich!)

Rewinding a little-When I was packing for my Goa trip. I was on the top of the world! I was all ready to take out that hippy in me and hit the beach with a beer in my hand. (kidding-i don’t drink!)

What makes a women happier other than seeing her money hanging in her closet?

I could finally wear BACKLESS DRESSES on the beach and those cute pairs of SHORTS which have been piling in my wardrobe since the longest time…(happiness tingling).

For the fact, when my tickets to Goa got booked, the next second I rushed to PINTEREST and online shopping sites to quench my thirst for beach inspired dresses. And finally, SHEIN did that!

I immediately ordered 2 dresses, a top, a skort, and two headbands for a beach ready. And that wait!!! you can totally relate to it, right? The delivery was on time and the quality was fine too. I was very excited to flaunt them in Goa.

LOOK 1-Go crop, crisp and classic!

Beach outfit ideas
p.s-Look 1 photos are taken at home because it was raining in Goa that day so forgot to take photos, so I recreated the same look here! enjoy<3

Day 1 Goa-For Day one, I wanted to go safe on my outfit part as it was raining plus it was very humid and I did not want the humidity to overrule my style.

So I went for this BLACK CROP TOP with deep sleeve cut out and the criss-cross cinching detail at the front with yellow skorts.

When paired together, I think this look was totally Oomphing the fun, bubbly and the vivacious girl out of me(which I am, actually 🙂 )Beach outfit ideas

If you are wondering what the heck skort is, then let me tell you that a skort is what we all have worn in school. Yes that paneled divider skirt(now you remember right?)

A skort is exactly that but a shorter version of it which falls below thighs as it is an amalgamation of a skirt and shorts.

There are many types of skorts, you can opt for the one you like it, in my case my yellow skort has a long panel at the side which kinda wraps around my waist at the front and to tighten it, you are given two big eyelets through which you can tie the belt into a knot.Beach outfit ideas

Skort=skirt + short(a substitute for skirt?)

It looks complicated, but trust me it isn’t. A skort like this looks very classic as well as chic at the same time.

You can pair it with so many tops. A skort can be a substitute for a skirt lover because, that’s basically a skirt with a divider, which is a win-win because, in skirts, you may not feel comfortable all the time, right?

How I styled it-

So coming back to my outfit, a black crop top paired with this cute yellow skort looked totally flattering with tie-up sandals, half bun hair, and minimal makeup.(Don’t you think it look super cute on me? :P)

How else you can style it-Beach outfit ideas

And I think this look is very much appropriate for a beach day out, but if this outfit makes you little anxious or you aren’t comfortable wearing these skorts, then you can definitely consider wearing skirts and a shrug over it...

That looks equally flattering! Also for an evening office party or a formal date, you gotta show the world your fashion savvy side by opting these skorts (you can pick up a longer one)and pairing it with a classic button-down shirt and pumps, and I can imagine how smart you’re gonna look.

SHOP THE LOOK 1Black crop top

                                            yellow skorts

LOOK 2- Fun with print and silhouette! Boho dressy beach style-

Goa outfit ideas
jump high!

Beach outfit ideas














Goa day 2 morning-For the second day, I wore this gorgeous SPAGHETTI BODYCON RUFFLED, and I cannot tell how much it reflected me, because I am also known for artistic silhouettes apart from the basics and this one totally justifies my character.

How I styled it-Beach outfit ideas

So this mini white spageti ruffled dress perfectly goes with the beach theme because of the FOLIAGE (leaf) print all over, also it has ruffle detailing on one arm which extends to the waist and at the hem of the bottom.

For the perfect fit, the dress has a zip at the back and oh my god, the best part of this dress is -it hugs me so well, making me look slim. Also not forget the comfortable quotient, this dress very much stands on that part giving me the perfect cinch at the waist and right amount of flare at the bottom.

Beach outfit ideas
Our cute little stay in Goa

I paired it with the same black tie up flats which I think created a great contrast to the dress and a straw hat which looked so beachy.

How else you can style it-

You can opt for any BRIGHT or NEON colored or FOLIAGE print SPAGHETTI or a STRAP DRESS, as they look so BOHO, CHIC and brings out a happy go lucky person out of you.

Beach outfit ideas
So mesmerising..right?

They are super comfortable, stylish and girly. you can pick up a mid-length one if that makes you comfortable and pair it with a T-shirt underneath then take out a bandana and wrap it around your head or make a bow and there you go, you just created awesomeness out of a simple outfit for a beach day out. And for the night, you can go for a shimmery spageti dress which looks smocking hotness.

SHOP THE LOOK 2- Asymmetrical ruffled  spaghetti dress

LOOK 3- Ace the Beach look with a cute Skater dress!

Goa day 2 noon– In the noon post our lunch, we headed to Cape Goa, Cabo-de Rama fort and Palolem beach.

So I made sure to wear something airy, comfortable and bright as I had to keep the weather in my mind(it was scorching ).

I wore this super cute FUSCHIA PINK SKATER DRESS, which I was dying to flaunt it in Goa. Always go for a bright colored skater dress for a beach, it looks great in photos and I think every girl should have a flary skater dress in her wardrobe and I am sure you have one.Beach outfit ideas

It is perfect for girls, millenials like us and also for the women in thirties…

The best thing?

The skater dress is one of those dresses which I think looks sophisticated on all the body types.

How I styled it-


Beach outfit ideas















Coming to my skater dress, It is pink! It is so feminine! It is already embellished with the pearls in the neckline, so a girl like me who is lazy enough to accessorize her outfit, this dress does the work.

And girls, can we take a moment to appreciate the flare? It is beautiful! right? Make sure you wear some tights beneath it if you are a wild child like me and gonna jump and hop around everywhere you go. I completed my look with studded flip-flops to keep it casual yet effortless.Beach outfit ideas

How else you can style it-

You can go for SNEAKERS orTHIGH HIGH BOOTS with the skater dress for the party night. It looks so fashionable and debonair. Also, you can never go wrong with the layering concept.

Love layering? Go for it-

Go for a light layer(maybe a Kimono) over the skater dress to look dapper. Make a statement by picking up a bright colored skater dress because Goa is all about fun and party and you don’t want to be a dull looker there…right girls?

SHOP THE LOOK3 similar skater dress


LOOK 4-Pretty, backless and hot!

Goa day 3

Don’t you think I should get an ovation to carry this BACKLESS DRESS?Beach outfit ideas

girl, I got some real guts to wear that(haha).

Coming to my outfit, I wore this beautiful sky blue dress which I got for my birthday. Bought this dress from Forever 21, Hyderabad and the moment I saw it, I knew that I have to have it in my wardrobe whether I wear it or not.

I know it is backless plus it has a PLUNGE NECKLINE! Big deal at least for me. I haven’t worn a backless dress in my longest 25 years. But guys, it’s such a scrumptious and appealing piece! I couldn’t stop myself buying it.Goa outfit ideas

It has a crisscross strap detail in the back which makes it look sassy as well as flirtatious.

How I styled it-

IMP-    I think the dress in itself is a statement but make sure to wear the right undergarment with the backless dress as it can a little tricky and if you don’t wear the right undergarment, it will end up looking tacky.

I wore a nude silicon bra under the dress which actually looked like I haven’t worn anything under the dress.Goa outfit ideas

Also, I think a backless dress amps up your appearance making you look bold and sensual and its perfect for a party and a beach. I wore hoop earrings and my heels to complete the look. But then I ditched my heels to get into the sea and get some crazy shots..! Also not to forget the tons of compliments,i got on this dress.YAAAYYY!!!

SHOP THE LOOK 4similar backless dress

Other outfit ideas-

I think there is no specific kind of uniform for the beaches, you can always play around different colors, styles and, prints. Here are some ideas for all, whether you love to splash around the waves or loves to sit on the shacks with a beer in your hand and sunglasses on.

1* Bikini (swim-suits) with  kimonos

2* High waisted shorts and crop top

3* Rompers or Jumpsuits

4* Off-shoulder top with a boho printed skirt

5* Floral long flowy dresses

Always accessorize to strike the sophistication cord!

Do not forget to accessorize the outfits because the right accessories can jazz up any dull outfit.

Take out your straw hat, a tote bag, your favorite sunglasses, colorful scarfs, and walllaaahh!! you are ready to hit the beach looking totally stylish and ravishing…

So that’s what I wore for my trip to Goa, what do you guys think and which one is your favorite look and tell in the comment section below me what would you love to wear to a beach?

And that was it for my blog today…let’s meet very soon ..

untill then,

keep smiling!

be happy!














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