I hope you are having a blast this party season, aren’t you? The Ultimate guide to style boots

NO? Because of the weather? No clothes to wear? Or you can’t figure it out, what and how to wear? Don’t worry, I will fix all your blues.

I think winter’s gonna stay a little longer, what do you say? But does this mean, you let the harsh weather dominate your style quotient this party season? No right?

No mood to dress up in winters? don’t worry, I got you covered!The Ultimate guide to style boots

Winters can really screw your style, making you look off and gloomy.

But I think, even if your outfit is bland for the day or even if you are having a bad hair day, just accessorize it with a good pair of FOOTWEAR and red lipstick.

Trust me you will look defined and ready to rock that Girl Boss look!


So let’s dive into the hottest shoe trend of the Fashion which got into a rage after quite a time now.

And I am actually enjoying the fall because of this trend. You know what I am talking about. Don’t you?



Yes, The boot trend, can I say I am totally smitten and bitten by this trend? And I cannot wait to show you guys how I would style them.

The ultimate guide to style boots-

After saving my pocket money for a couple of months, I finally got my hands on these gorgeous over the knee boots and a sturdy pair of suede platform ankle boots from Truffle collection, India which I have been eying since a long. And the moment I received them, I was overwhelmed by the quality and started brainstorming on how I would style them.

Be your own Secret Santa- The Ultimate guide to style boots

Investing in a good pair of boots in the winters can be the best thing you could gift yourself as your own secret Santa. They are the perfect wardrobe staples that can be worn years and years with every possible outfit.

And this ensemble tops my winter essentials list which I would never want to give up.

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you would know my feed’s been bombarded with the pictures of me in these exclusive boots, so I thought why not make these style achievable for you guys and share with you how you can rock them too. Let’s get started…

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Make your boyfriend’s sweater you best friend this winter! Ft-thigh high boots from Truffle. The Ultimate guide to style boots


Yes, girls! Go ahead and raid your boyfriend’s, brother’s or your dad’s wardrobe and I bet you are sure to find some gems like this- a boxy oversized sweater.

A TOMBOYS favorite look!

I borrowed this cute pink oversized sweater from one of my friends and he was kind enough to grant me this cutie in return of french fries :P.

Thigh high boots can be little tricky in terms of styling if done correctly, it looks sophisticated and oomphs a sexiness factor in your outfit but if overdone looks cheap and tacky.

 The Ultimate guide to style boots
desi swag

Now I can wear my LBD, the first sentence I uttered when these pair of luscious boots arrived. Yes!

Wouldn’t you love to flaunt your favorite mini skirt in winters?

Guys if you think that your summer skirts, florals dresses, shorts and your favorite LBD’s are only for the summertime.

You are wrong honey. First, let me burst on this myth by saying that you can totally slay in your summer clothes in winters and secondly, you can go unpack your half of the wardrobe which you thought will be only wearable in summers!

Because you got these boots..!

An inch of skin show shouldn’t harm anyone. right? The Ultimate guide to style boots

Talking about thigh high boots, they are great in multitasking-when paired with short summer dresses with an inch of skin showing, looks ultra chic and fashionable(they let us wear summer clothes in the winter which is a win-win) plus saving you from freezing to death.

You see? How this piece strikes a cord of balance and style?

How I styled it-

Wear your baggy sweater as a dress.

So coming back to my outfit, I paired my thigh high booties with this cute oversized sweater and wore it as a dress.

Its soft, its pink, its comfortable and I don’t see any other reason left not to Steal this one..correct?

let thigh high boots cast its spell on you, by making you longer by an inch or two!

My legs look elongated, aren’t they? That’s how thigh high boots do its magic I guess, they make you look taller than you are.

You can ace the look with any oversized sweater or a turtleneck, the style will be same and you are ready to rock any day event looking an absolute stunner on the roads. The Ultimate guide to style boots

To add a fun element to the outfit I did these cute half buns both the sides which I think turned out pretty good hairstyle.

Also, I am carrying a pink backpack and a hat to complete the look.

Flat 50% on Boots from Trufflehttps://www.trufflecollection.co.in/boots

If you are a tomboy and you want to begin with thigh high boots, go for this look as this will surely compliment your style by adding a touch of femininity.

Do not forget to wear tights underneath if you aren’t comfortable. You can cinch your waist with a slim belt to add more edge to the outfit.

Also, you can go other way-you can style any oversized sweater as a dress with ankle boots but make sure to wear thick stockings underneath and I promise you, you will look like a diva! The Ultimate guide to style boots

Look 2-

Dress it up and down!

This look is for those who love to wear Midi dresses and slay it like a vintage old school girl.I personally do not wear midi dresses as they make me look shorter but, girl if you love slipping into midi dresses, then the game is on!

They look effortless, vintage yet contemporary. Pair it with a pair of pointed ankle boots and you are ready to rock any event looking ultra stylish and fancy pants.

I wore a printed ruffle detailed midi dress with these debonair ultra stylish quilted black boots.

And I shot these pictures in the metro station guys…Can you believe it?

And to top it up, and make sure I won’t die in this chilly weather, I threw on a pink blazer on it. You can throw on a tinted sunglasses too. This way the outfit looks complete, trendy and edgy.

And I totally love it. This look is totally apt for office parties or even a fashion show.

If I can carry out this look, then I am pretty sure, you will ace it like a pro.

What I wore on Christmas/New year outfit-

And this is me! Mini dress and thigh high boots. I wore this look on Christmas I felt as a SANTA myself. You can wear any mini dress and thigh high boots with some skin showing, it looks adorable and you are ready to party hard.

the ultimate guide to style boots

You can wear any bright colored mini dress or a sequin dress to fire that stage on NEW YEAR.


Trench coat power!

The second look is quite easy yet smart, contemporary and very cosmopolitan. The Ultimate guide to style boots

This winter is everything about showing off your luxurious trench coats and blazers, so go ahead and pick one from your wardrobe and pair it with a thigh high boots and let the outfit do the talking.

The bewitching power of black and monochrome-

You can go all monochrome and classy by picking up the black trench coat and twin it with the classic black over the knee boots. The Ultimate guide to style boots

Be bold to make a bold flash!

If you are someone who loves vibrant and loud colors to make your day, then go for a bright colored trench coat to make a statement paired with a muted color palette thigh high boots to create contrast but avoid the vice versa otherwise, you will end up looking horrendous. The Ultimate guide to style boots

How I styled it-

For my look, I paired my over the knee boots with this textured trench coat, wrapped the belt around my waist for a polished look and I think this is the perfect date night outfit. The Ultimate guide to style boots


slited Skirt and turtleneck-perfect combination!

This look is one of my favorites and it is little to the dressier side, perfect for an evening. The Ultimate guide to style boots

Go for a skirt with a long slit and a turtleneck over it to team it with the thigh high boots, not only it looks uber but also balances the outfit with the little skin sneaking through the skirt.

whether it’s a slit or the flare, doesn’t matter. Just flaunt it, girl!

You can also go for a flared skirt or iron pleated skirt to pair it with a nice turtleneck (high-neck)sweater and ankle boots. It also looks well put up and smart, perfect for a day out with your girlies.

 The Ultimate guide to style boots

In my case, I opted for my velvet silver pencil skirt with a long slit, I went a little creative by wearing it over my chest so it falls till my mid (knees) and I can show some legs 😛 then I wore my black turtleneck sweater over it and my thigh high boots.

To add a little funk as well as symmetry to the look, I cinched my waist with a sleek belt and completed the look with a messy bun. My skirt is velvet and shimmery, so I could possibly rock a casual party in this outfit. The Ultimate guide to style boots

You got the whole idea of me creating this look, right? I think this look is a perfect example of smart, edgy and uniformity when put together. You can pick up any long skirt with slit and turtleneck put together to form this look.


Get event ready with the Leather jacket/Blazer and skirt

I loved how this outfit looked on me, This look is totally me! chic, stylish and modern. The Ultimate guide to style boots

For this look, I wore a skater skirt and my rose gold Leather jacket to top it up with my classic thigh high boots, perfect for someone who loves to flaunt the flare in a different way.

Also, you can go for a structured blazer, it looks powerful, sharp and high fashion. To make a statement, go for a bright colored blazer, and keep all the ensembles neutral or the same color as the boots and you are ready to hit any fashion event making your unique style.

Ultimate guide to style boots

 The Ultimate guide to style boots














Or you can go with a muted structured blazer and put together makes the perfect outfit for official parties.

I wore a bright pink blazer with my skater skirt and boots.

Partyclubber look-

Talking about parties, how can we forget the classic leather mini skirt? The Ultimate guide to style boots

To achieve a party nigh look, go for a sequined top and leather skirt, remember to pick a neutral colored skirt to let the sequin do the talking. Pair it with a jacket or a blazer and those bootylicious boots.

Tip-keep the color of the shrug, jacket or blazer same as the boots to keep the look muted and definitive.

Life is short, wear SEQUINS 🙂 Drag the queen out of you girl!

I wore a sequin silver top and my absolute favorite leather high waisted skirt from Forever 21 which fits me like magic, I paired them with a black jacket and my thigh high boots.

Ultimate guide to style boots


And I think this look is party appropriate and I can see myself wearing this in the New year party and totally acing it, while dressed to the nine. 🙂


Classic white shirt!

You can never ever go wrong with a classic white shirt which is a wardrobe essential. The Ultimate guide to style boots

Wear your white shirt in a swish! (other than formal)

Allow it to be the focus of your outfit by Tucking it, hanging it lose or take out the swagger in you by tucking it one side or making a knot and your outfit will be on fleek when paired with a pair of denim and ankle boots.

For more savvy look, go for pointed ankle boots. And you should be ready to rock the streets. The Ultimate guide to style boots


You can play with the cuff of your shirt by closing them for a polished look or fold them for a more casual and laid-back look.

I stole this white classic men’s shirt from my brother’s wardrobe while he went to the office and still he could not figure out if something’s missing from his cupboard :P. Can you believe it?

OK stop judging me guys, I cannot help it, I love loose silhouettes as they make you look sensual and sophisticated at the same time, so I tend to borrow some ensembles from these guys. The Ultimate guide to style boots

I am not going to give him back. Its crisp, its classic and its white! And I love it.

Create a BOHO LOOK by Accessorizing your plain shirt with a chunk of silver oxidizers-

I hanged my shirt loose and accessorized it with a choker and a neckpiece. The Ultimate guide to style boots

I loved how it compliments the whole attire, giving this look a whole new vibe.

Its an oxidized silver and aqua blue choker with clasp at the back. And this silver oxidized layered jewelry with coin detailing in it which I styled around the collar looks absolutely boho and elegant.

It gives a touch of femininity to this bold yet easy-going look.

Ultimate guide to style boots

 The Ultimate guide to style boots



















How I styled it-

Then I styled them with the show stopper-that is my ankle boots and also with these gorgeous knee-high boots and to my surprise both the looks, turned out to be different.

So, guys, that’s how I would style my booties and when it comes to boots, I trust TRUFFLE  as they have the best in town with amazing quality as well as style. The Ultimate guide to style boots

I hope you like it, do comment down below and tell me which was your favorite look?

See you in 2019!

Till then,

Be happy and keep slaying!








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