An unfading fashion of denims-denim jacket outfits

I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR aaaggghhhhhh!!… I think I need to go shopping.

Let me call Riya, she better be free on this weekend!!!

I am sure every girl including Cinderella would go through this melodrama every freaking day…Am I right?An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

What if I tell you that your everyday struggle with picking up an outfit is going to be in vain?

Don’t believe me?

Ok, so I am talking about a single clothing item that has stood by every test of time since the invention, and is a versatile piece which all of us can swear by. Yes! A denim jacket. It’s that timeless clothing item which is a boon to the Fashion industry.

Denim jacket-An imperishable fashion!

Investing in a good denim jacket is the best thing you can do to yourself as it promises to withstand with you no matter what season it is or what body type are you.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

With the emerging trends, these iconic jackets have evolved to an extent where there are several types other than the classic blue denim jacket available in the market. You can opt for the one you love.

I wish I was born in the era when Levis Strauss( founder of Levis) invented this exemplary piece which gave the Fashion world a twist.

The only practical jacket you need to own at the drop of hat!

Yes, it’s the only jacket you and your wardrobe would ever need.

Its staple, it’s pragmatic, it’s a style statement in itself yet basic. Do you need any other reason? It can be paired with almost everything your wardrobe consists of.

It’s not called a quintessential for no reason!

Whether be it dresses, t-shirts, skirts or whatever. A denim jacket thrown over compliments the whole look and makes you look chic and dapper just like the fancy pants.

Denim jacket online India

So you guys know how much I love SALE season! hahaha everybody does.

Don’t you? So every SALE season I do not dare to miss out MAX fashion because they have the flea thing going on that time of the season where you can get some really really great things like this one at throwaway prices. Buy it here-

Denim jacket outfits ideas-how to a style denim jacket

It’s a two-tone oversized denim jacket which I picked up without thinking twice because I think its totally me.

Its baggy, its debonair and street style. And guess what? I got it for half of the price which was enough to make my day. So how can I not flaunt it guys? And I cannot wait to share my ways to style it.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Ok, so in this blog, I will be breaking down all the looks styled with this classic denim jacket so brace yourself and peruse through your style and favorites.

                *Casual punk or Back to school outfit-

Now college outfits are clearly meant to be casual and offhand. Right? And you would totally agree with me that every morning it’s not possible to make an effort to dress up the best unless you have a special someone in your class.

An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Grab a casual shirt, team it with boyfriend jeans, and throw an oversized denim jacket on it.  This look is totally achievable and trusts me it looks super cool.

Coming to my outfit, I am wearing a flannel plaid shirt, actually, I love plaids because they are so old school and has a retro and vintage vibe to it. Also, they remind me of some Disney show’s characters and make me feel American for some reason.

Denim on Denim-oversized denim jacket outfits

You can go for any checkered shirt though. For the bottoms, I am wearing my favorite distressed denim from Forever 21 with the fringe detail at the bottom which I think is adding an edge to the outfit.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Above it, I am wearing the show stopper i.e the denim jacket. I love how the dual tone jacket balances and compliments the whole look.

To finish it, I went for the platform white sneakers which I think matches the whole purpose of the look, made a top messy bun and rolled my sleeves for an effortless college look.

Ways to wear a plaid shirt-

You can always experiment with your shirt and its absolutely fun- by knotting both the edges of the shirt into a knot, tucking one side of the shirt (half tuck), or just simply tuck in(full tuck) or you can wear a bralette under your shirt and loosen up the buttons except for the collar buttons.

It looks chick and appropriates for those girly girls who want to try some tomboyish pattern of style.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Another style you can for opt for is a crop top or a tee, high waisted jeans and a denim jacket for the perfect laid back casual look.

 Casual look-street style jean jacket outfits

For the second look, I am wearing a very cute pink tee, tied it into a knot at the center to give my waist a clean definition, then I am wearing this black knee ripped high waist jeans for forever 21, Over it, I have thrown my oversized denim jacket.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

And to complete this look, I have done these cute pigtail braids and they are so adorable, right? I am crushing over my look this time.yyyaaa!

                                       *Urban biker chic look-

I agree that this look is little over the top as its modern, contemporary, athletic and powerful somewhere down the line.

Who says only leather jackets are limited to create a biker chic look?An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

I am wearing this cutest pink men’s sweater or I called it a sweatshirt from HM and to give the look a bikie vibe, I am wearing a black leather Fanny pack which is also giving a cinch to my waist apart from doing its job.

I think they are my newest obsession. They are so reliable, practical and within the realms of possibilities.

Wanna break the internet? denim jacket Instagram

Over the sweater, I am wearing my oversized denim jacket with rolled up sleeves and to complete the look, I slipped into my favorite thigh high boots from Truffle collection.

By the way, I have written an amazing blog on how to style your boots –click here to read

And tied my hair into a sleek ponytail to create an aura of the look. I think this look is perfect for athletic events. Don’t you think so?An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

To make it more practical and wearable for anyone, you can wear sheer stockings, PU military boots and a black denim jacket for a perfect biker look.

Become the sensation now with this extraordinary outfit that is sure to get you a bunch of likes and followers on Instagram.

 *Denim on Date-

This look is classic yet effortless as a doodle.

So you have a date tonight and you are confused as hell what to wear and what not to. You don’t want to be too over the top and also don’t wanna dress as easy as a pie. Right?An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Denim jacket and dress

Go for your LBD or a classic black maxi dress like the one in the picture below. And to balance the look I put on my oversized denim jacket.

Also, I wore a black bralette under the dress so I can flaunt the racer. Go for a glittery sandal or a nude one.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Denim jacket and maxi dress

And ya! you are done for the date look. For another look, I am wearing a black one-shoulder bodycon dress which hugs my body like magic.

I love the layer ruffle detail at the bottom of the dress which makes the dress stand out of the crowd. Pair it with a black or blue denim jacket.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Trust me it will give the outfit a whole new dimension and for anyone who can’t wear such dresses can feel secure by donning a jacket over it.

Complete the look with few dainty pieces of jewelry and a nude pair of stilettoes.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

*Indo western FT. denim jacket

For those who don’t know this concept-Its a blend or an amalgamation of South Asian (Indian) and western clothing.

In India, Everyone cannot wear western, right? So you can blend a few of your Indian ensembles with those of Western’s.

Do not hesitate or boggle to experiment with the fusion thing, you never know you can end up inspiring others and become the next trendsetter.

Be the cultural sass with this Indo-western outfit!

Fusion wear or Indowestern is totally on the rage and vogue these days so how can I not talk about it. Right?An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

So you can team your classic blue denim jacket with any plain Kurti or a Kameez and blue jeans as bottoms.

Denim jacket work outfit-

Trust me this outfit looks elegant, simple, cultured yet stylish. Complete the look with a few pieces of silver jewelry and jootis.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

This look is my personal favorite and perfect for any college, office or any day event.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Another Indo-western outfit one you can swear by is pairing your denim jacket over a casual tee with a knot at the center and wide-legged palazzos.

I love how this look is so easy breezy and I can feel an instant artistic charm of this look.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

You can go with printed palazzos as they look Boho and trendy. You can complete the look with colorful Punjabi jootis and some more colorful pieces of jewelry.

*Denim on skater-

Skater dress is one of those inventions which compliments every body type and also looks super adorable.

Pair your denim jacket with a cute skater dress and sneakers.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Cute denim jacket outfits-

For this look, I am wearing a cute pink skater dress and my white sneakers.

I love how this look turned out to be so so effortless, airy and modish. You can wear a t-shirt and tie a knot at the side for more dressed version and also it would give an illusion of wearing a top and skirt as two different pieces. You can go for boots or sneakers as you wish for.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

Vacation outfit with a denim jacket-

I would totally wear this dress at a birthday party or even during my travel.

This look is perfect for a vacation as well as get-togethers or a throwaway farmhouse party. You can go for neon sunglasses to add a dash of punk and yes! you are ready to rock the party.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

*Denim jacket for party lovers-

For parties, I love to mix and match most of the times like this one. I am wearing this pleated midi skirt over my chest to make it a dress.

And I had my Denim game on by throwing my jacket above the dress and cinched my waist with a belt over the jacket, also it gives the outfit a structured and a boss lady feel.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

This way you can use your skirts as a whole new dress and no one gets to know!! Also, I am wearing these strappy blocked sandals to give a break between your dress and your legs.

Wear some chockers and some knick-knacks and you are ready to have all the eyes on you.An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

So that was it for the Denim game, hope you liked all the likes and this time I tried to cover all the looks with the denim jacket. Let me know in the comment section which looks is your favorite and you would like to slay in it? Also, any suggestions are warmly welcomed.

So stay tuned for next fun blog ..

until then,

take care and be happy






























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