How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Hey beautiful people out there, how have you been? I hope you all are doing good and already planned to have a great year ahead. Am I right?🤩

Ok, so let’s dive into today’s topic.

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Now, most of my life while in school I wore a midi skirt as a uniform and I am sure all of you have worn it and hated it to bits also because we did not have any other choice.🤐

Hated pleated midi skirts in school? But I promise now you won’t.

When I grew up, I had no idea why is this even a fashion and that too growing fashion and why people wear it other than schools?😑

Unless I observed few fashionistas and style icons rocking in a midi skirt which kept me wondering how they could do that with all poise.



It created an interest in me and I decided to adopt and imbibe that suburban clothing item again in my life.🙈

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So for the NEW YEAR’S eve, I went on shopping for the party thinking to set ablaze the stage on fire.

After spending hours and hours in the mall as well as in the trial rooms looking for a perfect glitzy outfit for the party.

I finally stopped by this gorgeous skirt from Forever 21, Hyderabad(click here to buy it) which I am totally in love with.😍😍

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

The heart wants what it wants!❤️

The moment I beheld it, I did not think even twice, I know I had to have it anyhow regardless of the price which was good 1900 bucks.🙄

And the next moment I found myself in the billing counter.😋😎

It’s a beautiful silver glittery pleated midi skirt which I think should be one of those fancy articles in every girl’s wardrobe. Why because- we will unfold it very soon.

Rebirth of pleated Midi skirts this decade-

So first let me tell you that this trend of pleated skirt holds its position in the fashion industry as a switch. (if that makes a sense).😛

It sometimes goes off the radar and sometimes allegedly goes on the rage. But, but now if you talk about it, it just came in back with a bang and took the industry by a storm.💣

How to style pleated midi skirt

Pleated midi skirts are the Renaissance and they have evolved like a rocket this time.

Midi skirts have broken all the norms of being stereotyped to the most stylish clothing piece!

But if you are one of them who thinks that pleated midi skirts are an old school fashion or an older women stuff.🕖🕢🕗🕣

Then let me please burst this myth or the misconception of yours because this time their rebirth has gained popularity the most while teaching us to wear them everywhere and loving them all over again.

Yes, it is tricky to style but do not detest it!

Also, this piece is a little bit tricky to style if I can say that.

But don’t you worry girl, I am gonna show you some fabulous ways for you to incorporate in if you are or will get bitten by the beauty of this trend.

I personally never ever owned a pleated midi skirt after school because they are not known to flatter everyone and every body type easily unless you make an effort to do so.🤔

But here in this blog, I will show you how to slay this FAD looking totally timeless as well as plain sailing.🥰

Casual chic attire-

How to Style pleated Midi skirts
pizza is bae and bae is pizza!

who doesn’t love to stay comfortable while looking like a real-time badass?

If you know me or follow me on my INSTAGRAM then, you will know that this look is screaming my name.🤗

That’s totally how I would wear a pleated skirt for a day thing or even to a college fest.

It’s comfy, it’s easy going, it’s street style, it’s totally wearable yet promising.😎

pleated Midi skirt casual outfit-

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

So coming back to the look on how a casual chic would wear this-Pick up a midi skirt like this and pair it with any crop top giving contrast to that skirt.❣️

And layer it with an oversized denim jacket or a shrug to pull off this causal urban chick look.

Layering fashion never goes out of style-


How to Style pleated Midi skirts
layering a denim jacket tones down the shimmeryness of the skirt making it streetstyle and day wear appropriate.

Here, I am pairing my flashy glitter skirt with a black crop top and to tone it down and to make it a day wear appropriate I layered it with an oversized boyfriend jacket.🧥

In this way, you can wear your flashy pieces in day, just with one trick-by toning down the level of the color palette in contrast with the shimmery item.

For the footwear keep it very simple as a white sneaker or a mule to add that laid-back yet nifty vibe to the look.👟👟💄🧢

Go for comfortable boots to play around the look a little and it can be appropriate for campus fests, weekend get-togethers or shopping with your friends.🥾👢

Also, it creates the perfect balance and makes your legs look little elongated.


Things to keep in mind while buying a pleated midi skirt-

It is possible that midi skirts tend to make you look shorter because of the length.

So the next time you go any midi skirt, just keep in mind it should be of the proper length i.e just below the knees and a little above the ankle.

And the second thing you need to remember is the pattern and the fit.

The fit around the waist with a perfect waistband just puts the cherry on the cake.

It can make you feel slimmer adding that flawless definition to your waist. And the pleated pattern of the skirt should be very clean otherwise it will look horrendous.

Party outfit inspo-

Now you girl, if you love to party hard no matter what the season is, also if you love to mix and match your party ensembles then this look is totally for you.👗👗

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

OK Would agree that every time it’s not possible to buy expensive party clothes unless you are one of the Ambani’s. Right? :P😛😆

Wanna go on the ball with that special one?🥰🤗

So for that special occasion and where you have to impress your special someone and also where you don’t wanna let people think that you wear the same outfit again and again.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter but still for the pictures right? :P😉😉😉

So the trick is to layer.

Have you ever tried a Dress over a skirt?

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

You only gotta do a thing that is to layer your LBD(little black dress) or any short dress over the skirt be it a pinafore or even a t-shirt dress.🤩🕶️

Just make sure to have a balance between the ensembles.

As the pleated midi skirt is flared so you gotta choose a dress that is fitting your torso very well.

For the ball night, I chose a sequined t-shirt dress teamed upon my pleated flared skirt.

And to give my waist a little cinch I belted it with this gorgeous textured belt.

At first, I was skeptical about this look as it is little towards the experimental side but I love how it turned out. So versatile and looks quite well put together.🥰🥰


Party outfit ideas for winter-

To finish, I went for the boots because I think this completes the look and make it a winter-appropriate party look.🥰

But you can definitely go for stilettos or white boots. It looks classic.👠👡👠

As my boots were of the quilted texture, to match it I took a black quilted clutch which can be a fanny pack too(win-win)👢🥾👛👜👝

TIP- go for the nude stilettos instead of the colored one as already much is happening on the above I guess.👡👡👡👡

Office style outfit-

Ya Ya i know unlike me, many of you go to an office so don’t worry I have got you covered too.👔👔🥼

You know I would never think of wearing a  pleated midi skirt in general unless I bought one which I think has changed the game completely.


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Now there is no looking back from then, I am really finding it an extraordinary staple piece these days.

Smoke out your office blues by wearing a midi skirt.

I understand that every office has its work dress code.🚫🚫

But let me tell you that you can pair your midi skirt with a nice formal blazer and shirt finely tugged inside the skirt.😊😊


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

This way you are not violating the dress code rules of the office and plus who knows you may end up getting some amazing compliments and inspiring others too.🤗🤗


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Make your Friday -a Fri-yay!

But if your office has the strictest dress codes, don’t worry there is always a plan B where can flaunt your style game.

Yes, it’s Friday.✔️✔️✔️

I have heard that on Fridays you are allowed to wear any decent clothes other than your uniform.

So this is the day where you can actually show people your fashion business. So you can opt for a similar style.

In this look, I wore a nice pastel pink color semiformal blazer which I got from HM and a spaghetti dress inside.,😊


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Yes, it’s actually a pinafore that I tugged inside the skirt and wore it as a spaghetti under the blazer.

You can definitely go for a classic white shirt to create that office vibe look.

For the shoes, you can go for oxfords or even pumps for little more dressier side.

Music concert outfit-

 Ever wondered that a midi skirt can be worn as a dress too?

If no, let’s see how-

Wear your midi skirt over your chest. Wear a shrug over it and some chunky jewelry and wallah!!!😍😍

You are ready to rock any concert or an event.


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

I wore my pleated midi skirt over my chest as a tube dress, (do not fear to experiment with your single pieces as they can be mixed and matched with almost everything in your wardrobe resulting in great looking outfits all over again), over it I wore an oversized boyfriend’s denim jacket. And trust me this look is my favorite.

Create a whole new look by securing your pleats of the midi skirt with a belt-

To add edginess to my outfit I gave a cinch to my waist which adds that perfect definition to my body so I don’t look like an out shaped potato wearing both the loose silhouettes.👠👠👠

You got my point right?🥰🥰

Also, a few knick-knacks and accessories should suffice the look.

Add few pieces of jewelry such as a velvet choker or silver oxidized choker-that would look great.😊😊😍

To finish the look, go for a comfortable pair of block heels or tied up heels.👡👡👡


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

I wore this denim tied up block heels from catwalk which totally matches with the outfit.

And I think this is a perfect outfit for music or a dance concert.🎶🎶🎶🎵🎼🔊📣🔊🔉🔈

Bohemian sass-Modern bohemian look!

Also for you bohemian fashion lovers, I have a point for you too.


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

You can wear a lace bralette under a boxy jacket and pair it with the pleated midi skirt, do not forget to highlight your USP that is a lot of accessories like the silver oxidized jewelry and other fine jewelry.

Bohemian gypsy look-

Go for bohemian rings, a colorful bandana and tied up sandals. Its a perfect bohemian holiday outfit.

Also, midi skirt tends to make you look retro so plus point for that.!

Buy pleated midi skirts here- *;-_-2000310503-_-4425-_-1;-_-2000310869-_-4425-_-3

And I hope now you have a clearer idea on how you would wear or style a pleated midi skirt the next time you plan to buy one.🎸🎸🎷


How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Do let know if you found this blog helpful or how else you would style them in the comment section. Would love to know.

So see you soon with another great fashion styling blog.

Till then,

Take care, be happy😍


























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  1. Wow I love the idea of wearing the skirt as tube dress with a jacket on it…Will surely try this out…Keep going and sharing lovely styling ideas…😍😘

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  5. Really I have no words to describe your best creative ideas , all the dress combinations are perfectly synchronized with concerned occasion . As you describe in your blog that you never liked your school dress with pleated skirt , but now you transformed this outfit in such a way that it suited best for each and every occasion . Well done Digdarshinee .👍👍👍

  6. I always hated midi skirts.. but after going through your blog I think I should try it out once😄😄.. you influencer hah? Love you💋💋💋

    1. Even I hated midi skirts for the longest time. But I think i am in love with this one…haha influencer..influencing your best friend is the biggest task you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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